User Registration

The process of – New User Registration, is as follows: In order to access the CRM Software, a new user has to first register on the site, then validate email id and get approved by Admin. Then they can login and access the CRM Software Step1 Open user register page Step2 Fill your detail and … Read more

Assign the Leads to Users

FinCRM makes it easy to organize, track and allocate leads to Users and Groups Lead assignment process can run on auto-pilot by using Round Robin and distribute leads to Users as per allocation by Admin

How to setup Cron Job

Cron jobs is used to automate repetitive tasksCron schedules a command or script on the server to run automatically at a specified time and date Step1 Login to cPanel Step2 Go to Cron Jobs Step3 Click on Add/Edit Step4 Add Cron Job Command Step5 Add Time Setting Step6 Save

Benefits of Ticketing Software

Ticket Management System is an enterprise issue tracking system for companies. Ticketing system can manage, archive and organize the support requests in the form of tickets posted via website or entered through call center, social media or phone call. Ticketing system is an integral part of CRM Software and is essential module in an organization … Read more

Features of Ticketing Software

Ticketing software collects all customer support requests from a wide range of sources and manages them in one location. It allows companies to keep track of the issues and complaints. It stores customer information in a searchable database, tracks interactions, automates the issue resolution process and automatically routes tickets to the proper technician and updates … Read more

What is Ticketing Software

Ticketing software is a system for the improvement in the customer complaint handling and query handling system in a company. Ticket management is an integral part of any CRM software. Its objective is to resolve any problem or incident in a fast and efficient way and analyzing how the incidence has occurred Support Tickets are … Read more

The Sales Management Software

There has been a big shift in how business is done these days and just like most other aspects of business, sales process have transformed over the years. There has been a complete change in what customers buy and how customers buy. The digital age has brought with it, new ways of managing sales and … Read more

What is Project Management

A project is a one time, one-of-a-kind, and ongoing attempt or commitment to generate concrete or intangible results like a unique product, service, benefit, competitive advantage, etc. Project usually consists of a set of interconnected tasks that are scheduled to be completed over a set period and under specified parameters and constraints, such as cost, … Read more

Guide to SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve your website rank in search engines for your most effective keywords. Search engines work by using algorithms to evaluate websites by topic and relevance. Online Search is changing as search engine algorithms become more and more advanced using machine language. Google the most popular search … Read more

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