Features of Ticketing Software

Ticketing software collects all customer support requests from a wide range of sources and manages them in one location. It allows companies to keep track of the issues and complaints.

It stores customer information in a searchable database, tracks interactions, automates the issue resolution process and automatically routes tickets to the proper technician and updates customer on the status of their query.

Ticketing Software is an essential module of the CRM Software. As it helps in managing customer interactions quickly and efficiently with the goal of improving customer relationship

The website viewers, clients or customers can create a new Support Ticket by filling the web form on the web portal and by clicking the Submit ticket or company agents can create a Ticket.

Features of Ticketing Software are:

Customer Portal
A front end page in company website for Viewers. They can submit ticket via form or login and submit ticket

Admin Control Panel
Admin panel is used to manage the backend of the software. Admin can add/edit roles, category, agent info, articles etc from settings. Admin can also view detailed reports on tickets

Agents and Supervisors
Agents and Supervisors provide support to customers. They can also login and reply/view/close tickets

Status Types
Each ticket is assigned a status from the available status types. The following status types are predefined: Open, Closed, Canceled, and Resolved etc

Monitor your most important customer service related metrics in a Dashboard UI.
It presents a view of open tickets, closed tickets, customer service metrics, agent data and customer service performance

SLA Plan
The purpose of the SLA Plan is to provide a length of time in which the help desk Administrator expects tickets to be closed. The service level agreements (SLA) define the agreed-upon service level between the provider and the customer

Web based platform
Ticketing software is developed for the ease of customer support so customers can login and view the ticket status online

Simple User Interface
The ticketing software is developed in a user-friendly interface where in a few clicks; customers can get their problem resolved

Tracking Information on tickets
Track the tickets opened by the clients. After the user opens a support ticket they can also view the reply by agents

For the easy access to the ticket information, the ticket status can be viewed directly in the mailbox of the user. The user can easily go to the ticket page after viewing the email sent by the ticketing software to the mailbox of the user

Grouping of the similar tickets
There may be hundreds of queries each day and many queries may be repeated. So, the company can group similar tickets and can reply the same to all the queries which save the time of answering the tickets opened by the users

Set priority of the tickets
Users can set the priority of the tickets to low, high or medium according to the need. Using this feature, the company can solve the high prioritized issues at the beginning

Online ticketing software supports all the platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and all mobile devices

Using FinCRM.com CRM software a company can store customer information in a searchable database, track interactions and automate the issue resolution process

The ticketing software provides the company with the ease to solve the customer problem online. It reduces cost and improves productivity and customer service and is an important component of any business.