What is Project Management

A project is a one time, one-of-a-kind, and ongoing attempt or commitment to generate concrete or intangible results like a unique product, service, benefit, competitive advantage, etc.

Project usually consists of a set of interconnected tasks that are scheduled to be completed over a set period and under specified parameters and constraints, such as cost, quality, and performance.

Projects can help organizations and people reach their business and non-business goals more effectively by implementing change. We may make the adjustments we desire in a more organized and risk-free way using projects.

Projects are distinct from other forms of work e.g., process, task, procedure. Meanwhile, a project is defined as a defined, distinct action that produces an observable and quantifiable result under preset conditions.

Any undertaking with a deadline qualifies as a project. To be more specific, a project can be a goal, a resolution, a task, or just something you wish to perform to achieve a specific outcome.

Why does a Business need Project management?

The majority of initiatives have all of their resources, time, money, and objectives set out, but they are nonetheless disorganized. People who are used to working in chaotic circumstances may believe that everything will work out but what one person considers being a workable system is simply confusion to another. Project management module is an integral part of CRM Software

A project management system can help with this:

  • Project management guarantees that you not only achieve your project’s goal, but also that it is completed on time, within budget, and within scope. It explains how to get started, what to do next, and how to finish. It’s similar to working with a template. You have access to all you need to know. All you have to do now is apply it to your project.
  • It will assist you in determining whether or not your current method is effective. If something goes wrong, it will assist you by providing alternatives. It will assist you in staying on track to achieve your end goal. In essence, project management does not spoon-feed you; rather, it teaches you how to cook—more efficiently and effectively than you would have done otherwise. Now, let’s look at what project management is and how it works.

Advantages of Project Management

  • The first and most important benefit is that a different project manager is assigned to each project, allowing him or her to focus solely on that project, increasing the likelihood of success.
  • Another benefit of project management is that it helps the firm achieve efficiency in terms of capital, labor, and other operational expenditures by keeping a tight check on all project operations, which in turn helps management discover revenue-leaking areas and saves the company money.
  • It assists the firm in developing management characteristics in bright individuals by assigning them modest projects initially, then large projects, which creates a positive environment in the company where employees realize there is plenty of room for advancement.
  • Project management establishes a framework for measuring and accounting for workflow, ensuring that resources are allocated wisely to achieve the project’s objectives. This form of planning sets clear expectations for employees, offers clear directions, and includes methods for dealing with unanticipated events promptly.
  • Managing projects from beginning to end may assist a project manager keep track of his budget and detect difficulties or concerns before they become bottlenecks. This can also assist a company in ensuring on-time delivery, retaining pleased consumers, and projecting a professional image.
  • In the early stages of project planning, effective project managers make decisions on suitable staffing and team building. This can assist in guarantee that the project’s duties are given to the correct individuals with the relevant skill sets, allowing the firm to employ its human resources wisely and efficiently.

Why FinCRM.comfor Project Management?

With its rich planning, monitoring, and collaboration features like Task management, Documents feature, and Ticketing system, FinCRM.com makes your job enjoyable. It’s a hassle-free tool with a simple, easy-to-use design that allows you to work on your projects from anywhere and at any time.

FinCRM.com is a go-to for an all-around project management experience with so many additional features like Task Manager, detailed Documents manager, ticketing system, RFQ, Leads tracking, and Team manager.

We are very concerned about your privacy also and to assist and protect the security of your data, we’ve established a comprehensive set of procedures, technologies, and policies to provide you with a higher degree of protection than you might currently have.

FinCRM.com enables you to deal with everything, quickly and easily, from start to finish, Document management, and issue resolution via ticketing System and so much more.

Key features of Project Management System

Our Project management System comprises of many key features which helps you to undergo your projects with much less hustle these are:

    • Projects:
      Create, Plan and track new or existing Projects with ease. In this you can easily see how many of your projects are open, Working, Completed, Closed, or are yet to be started. This helps you to better manage and execute your projects with maximum efficiency.
    • Tasks:
      Create, Check, schedule different tasks for your team. In this, you can easily see how many of your tasks are In Process, how many of them are Pending, how many of these tasks are Completed or are yet not Started. This helps you to better manage and execute various tasks of your Projects with maximum efficiency.
    • Document management:
      Manage existing documents or create new ones in real-time for all of your project-related documentation. In this, you can easily see the NAME of the Document, its TYPE, its SIZE, The DATE on which you have uploaded it, and also you can perform several actions on it like editing and deleting that document. This helps you to better collaborate with your team and execute your projects with maximum efficiency.
    • Ticketing:
      Solve issues with instant ticket generation and Problem-solving with a real-time ticket tracking feature. In this, you can easily see how many of your Tickets are open, Pending, or Closed. You can also launch a new ticket using the [ + NEW TICKET] button.
    • Request for quotation (RFQ):
      Request quotes from your suppliers for your specific products or services without hustle. In this you can easily see how many of your RFQ leads are present with each lead detailed accordingly while providing some essential information about that lead like NAME, PRODUCT, CATEGORY, PRODUCT SUBCATEGORY, QTY, PRICE, DOCUMENT TYPE, INQUIRIES, ACTIVE CREATED DATE, ACTION. This helps you to better manage your RFQ Leads with maximum efficiency.
  • Team:
    Stay connected with your team using this powerful and useful feature. In this, you can easily create new teams as well as filter out different teams based on the project they are in, and also edit or delete different teams according to the Project. This helps you to better manage different teams assigned to one or more projects with ease and maximum efficiency.

Project management is not just a remedy, but it is an important instrument in the business’s never-ending process of development and renewal. It enables a company to reduce and eliminate inherent risks, therefore increasing the likelihood of the launch and continued operations succeeding.

Using each of these tools provided at FinCRM.com CRM Software, you can further break down your project activities, allocate resources, and schedule your work items and increase company and project efficiency considerably.