What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform from Facebook, Inc.
It offers a robust, reliable, and targeted advertising platform that can help your business convert your audience online into your most convenient and fast channel for getting customers.

In your Facebook account, you will find Facebook ads that appear to the top menu of Facebook page. These ads have a title, body and an image or video options.
With the help of Facebook Advertising, companies can run very personalized and easily customized advertising campaigns to help promote their products and services, businesses, a web page or even their own Facebook page.

Benefits of Facebook ads:

1. Facebook is the largest social media platform

There are other social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest, but Facebook is the largest of them and has the largest active user base which your company can convert to customers. At the end of October 2018, there were approximately 2 billion active Facebook users, compared to 300 million Twitter users, and that is not all! Facebook is reporting continuous and impressive growth in their user base every quarter. Therefore advertising your business on Facebook will surely pay off.

2. Facebook ads offer personalized, customized and social features

Facebook Ads offers personalized and customized ad features that allow companies to post social ads that their customer’s i.e the Facebook users love to see.

3. CPC vs CPM

CPC means Cost per click, which means you will only make payment when people click on your advert. CPM means Cost per 1,000 impressions, which means you will only pay when people view your ad.

4. Target audience

This is the most useful advertising tool on Facebook. You can target your audience based on many categories, such as state / region, country, city, ethnicity, age, gender, interest, etc.

5. Flexibility in ad budget

Facebook gives you complete control over how much you want to spend on advertising by effectively evaluating your advertising campaign based on cost per click. Track your expenses test your ads, and make the necessary changes to your campaigns.

6. Ease of use:

The Facebook ads section is designed to be very easy to use for almost everyone. After analyzing your fan’s profiles to know their preferences, you can easily design your ad using an enticing title, body copy and a relevant image. Including a strong call to action is very important.

7. Interaction with clients and more publicity.

Users may like your ads. When this happens, your fan’s friends will also learn about it, thus creating more visibility for your brand and ad.

Facebook will allow you to target your ideal customer or client and advertise to them directly. You can target clients based on demography such as:

  • Location
  • Age (and even birthdays)
  • Gender
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Work environment
  • Level of education etc.

Once you’ve selected what targeting options you want, Facebook will show your ads directly to users who meet your criteria.

Facebook Insights

Facebook ads also give insights and conversion tracking. Although Facebook Insights provides a detailed and practical description of ad performance and how people respond to your Facebook ad, conversion tracking helps you measure the lead generation rate or conversion rate.

Using Facebook Ads with CRM Software will help grow your business.

Pl. contact us if you want to integrate Facebook ads with CRM Software.