Add Facebook Lead Ads to CRM Software

Facebook Lead ads are used to run lead generation campaigns. A lead is a potential customer who has expressed interest in your product or service

Facebook Lead ads let people show their interest in a product or service by filling a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them.

Details of Facebook Lead Ads

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

  • Global Reach
    Facebook is world’s leading social network site with over 1.5 billion users worldwide
  • Cost Effective
    A company can setup Ad as per their budget and change it as per result
  • Measurable
    Measure the performance of your ads and improve your results for future campaigns
  • Demographic Targeting
    You can advertise to people of a specific age, career and interests
  • User friendly
    Very easy to setup an Ad using facebook account
  • Mobile friendly
    Lead ad format is optimized for mobile
  • Capture customer details
    Lead form is pre-populated with information from Facebook profile
  • Integrate with CRM
    You can sync your leads to CRM Software for immediate follow up. Generated leads can be synced directly with your company’s customer relationship management
  • Download Leads
    Leads data can be downloaded as a .CSV file

How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads?

1. Open Ads Manager
2. Select campaign objective
3. Name ad campaign
4. Ad Set
5. Facebook Business Page
6. Dynamic Creative
7. Audience
8. Placements
9. Budget & Schedule
10. Ad Name
11. Identity
12. Format
13. Media
14. Text
15. Insert Form

Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with CRM using

Zapier allows end users to integrate web applications with one another. It connects more than 1000 web apps so they can work together and share data

  • Login
  • Choose a Trigger App
  • Select Facebook Lead Ads Trigger
  • Select Facebook Lead Ads Accounts
  • Setup Facebook Lead Ads Leads
  • Pick a sample to setup your Zap
  • Choose an Action App
  • Select Webhooks by Zapier action
  • Setup Webhooks by Zapier GET
  • Test Webhooks by Zapier

Lead ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook lead ads encourage people to contact your business and request information or services. It can help you target people who interested in your product or service. It enables potential customers to provide you with their contact details. It allows you to capture customer details without the person visiting your site.

Facebook Lead Ads is an essential tool that businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs should use. Facebook ads can target audience based on numerous factors such as gender, age, location, interest and hobbies

Using Facebook Lead Ads with CRM Software will help grow your business. Pl. contact us if you want to integrate Facebook lead ads with CRM Software.