Using as Facebook CRM provides the best CRM Software integration for Facebook Ads

With, companies can automate the entire workflow process of Facebook Lead Generation.

Using Facebook lead ads, Facebook users can request more information about products and services and submit contact details. This can be done with of a lead ad form. Which displays natively in feeds that has some information already pre-filled, based on the information customers have shared with Facebook.

The advantage of Facebook Ads is that the user remains on Facebook while completing the lead ad form. Lead ads on Facebook make it easier for potential customers to submit their information via any device.

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Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads:

Get the right leads
Facebook’s interest based targeting will help you reach the right audience — individuals who have already expressed interest or intent to purchase products similar to yours

Improve the quality of leads
Obtain higher-quality leads via the use of a welcome screen, which tells users more about the offer before they submit the form. The form fields can be customized to capture information that’s important to your business. It also user friendly by having fields that auto-populate with information from Facebook, such as your name and email.

Reach people who have engaged with your ads or website in the past. This includes visitors who viewed your lead ad form but did not submit the form, as well as previous visitors on particular pages of your website

Access leads in real time
Gain access to a lead just after a visitor submits their form. API and integrations of Facebook make it easier to synchronize your leads directly with your CRM Software

Collecting leads across all devices
It becomes easier to reach people on any device. Quickly grow pre-orders, inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, registrations, applications, and more.

The leads that are generated by Facebook leads can be added in – CRM Software. And further using the CRM features, the leads can be converted to customers.

Some of the features that can be used by Facebook CRM to convert leads to customers are:

Sales Force Automation
Lead-to-sale processes can be streamlined, thereby giving managers the ability to track performance

CRM Dashboard
Get an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on an interactive graphical dashboard

Contact Management
Contact Manager makes it easier to maintain Facebook leads, accounts, customers, contacts, leads, phone numbers, e-mails etc. in a centralized place.

Lead Management
With this feature, users can capture more leads from various sources like form, website, mobile, CSV, contacts, email and easily categorize them as per lead status.

Leads obtained from Facebook lead ads campaign can also be stored in – CRM software.

Reports and Analytics
View customers, leads, deals, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage on it to improve sales and marketing activities.

Facebook Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by can be used by companies in the analysis and management of customer interactions and the handling of data during the lifecycle of a customer from Facebook lead to a becoming a customer.

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