Lead Assignment using Round Robin in CRM Software

Round Robin is a process or algorithm assigned to the CRM software so that leads are distributed evenly to agents.
This ensures that every agent has equal opportunity to perform, as the leads are allocated on a rotating basis.
The name of the algorithm – round robin, comes from the round robin principle – wherein each person takes an equal share of something in turn.

The round robin rule will distribute and allocate the unassigned leads equally among agents as per the % set by admin, per agent.
For example, if a company has 20 agents and as an administrator, you want to assign all the new leads equally among them.
So when you receive 100 new leads, the software assigns 5 leads each to 20 agents.
Benefit of round robin is that it helps save valuable time by assigning leads automatically

In CRM Software, creating a Round Robin rule involves the following steps:

Step 1 Go to Admin – Extensions – Round Robin

Step 2 View list of Unassigned Leads
Admin – Leads – Unassigned Leads

Step 3 View List of Agents
Admin – Users

Step 4 Setting up Assignment Rules
Rule Criteria is %

Step 5 Allocate Leads to Agents

Step 6 View List of Allocated Leads

Round Robin ensures that all leads will be assigned to agents without any manual intervention.
Based on the company’s lead distribution process leads are automatically assigned to the agents.
Pl. contact us, if you want to setup a round robin based lead distribution system in CRM Software.