CRM Software Company in India is a leading provider of CRM software in India. has assisted a number of Indian companies in providing custom CRM Solution
CRM refers to systems and software that an enterprise can use to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It improves business relationships with customers and prospects

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is a hub to many software companies. is a prominent CRM Software company based in India.

Using Indian companies can manage customer data, access business information; automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity has six main modules:
Contact Management – Contact Manager helps maintain contacts, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, e-mails etc in a centralized place

Lead Management– Capture more leads from various sources like website, form, CSV, mobile, contacts, email and easily categorize them as per lead status

Sales Force Automation– Automate entire sales flow in one platform and streamline lead-to-sale processes giving managers the ability to track sales performance

Sales Pipeline – Shows status of leads and their respective stage like Customer lost, Customer Won, Leads, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects etc

CRM Dashboard– Provides an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on a interactive dashboard

Reports and Analytics – View customers, deals, leads, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage it to improve your sales and marketing

Lead Management provides custom CRM software for Indian companies based on as per specific requirement.
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