What is Call Centre CRM

A call centre CRM is a software application developed to improve productivity and boost the efficiency of a call centre.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process, which is implemented by a business to manage an effective interaction with the

CRM Software involves management of the customer interaction in organisation, automation and synchronisation of varied business process
such as sales and marketing activities, customer support services, technical support services and so on.

A call centre or support helpdesk is a place where a customer requests are handled over the phone, email or chat. The calls may be inbound,
i.e., you only receive the calls; or they may be outbound, where you make the calls for survey, telemarketing, follow-up, and support, etc.

In order to manage and enhance effective customer relationship, a call centre is required to collect necessary information about its customers and organise and integrate such information in overall business process in such a way that generates an effective customer services. One may require CRM software to automate this information in an effective way.

Features and benefits of a Call centre CRM:
Call centre CRM software provides a user friendly interface that integrates and consolidates the data flow across all the modules of
customer care centre.

Since the application is based on specific processes and rules of call centre industry, they are quite efficient and evolve into further improved versions that also are tailor made.

The data related to customer like his contact number, his time zone, his particular preferences and his purchases are stored in one
comprehensive database. The data so gathered and stored is used to design special promotional plans to appease and attract the customer.

These somewhat customized techniques and offers result in greater customer satisfaction.

The call centre CRM software makes the call centre processes easier for the employees working in the call centre thereby boosting their
productivity and morale. This application has all the advanced and basic features of conventional

CRM software and these features provide a streamlined flow of information across all the departments.

CRM software is indispensable for call centres as the very reason for the existence of the call centre is to help the customer. CRM software makes this process a lot easier and manageable.

CRM front-end provides a 360 degree view of the entire business that helps to formulate accurate and precise business strategies.

FinCRM.com provides best CRM Software for the Call centre users so that optimum utilization can be done of the resources and they can
provide the best services to customers.