Integration of Facebook Ads with CRM is the largest and most widely used social media website in the world. More than two billion people use Facebook every month.

Facebook ads are now one of the most popular way to reach the exact target audience based on demographics,location and interests.
Marketers can manage Facebook ads online using Facebook Ads Manager. They can create and run campaigns using simple self service tools and track their performance with easy to read reports.

Facebook ads provide the best conversion rates and return on investment and is today the most effective social advertising channel. To create Facebook ads, pl. check –

Using a company can import Leads from Facebook ads directy into the CRM Software

The process is:

1. Go to CRM admin panel
2. Go to extentions
3. Click on import CSV files
4. Click on add new to upload file
5. Upload CSV file
6. Click on Import to import leads
7. Go to admin – leads – facebook leads
8. Assign Lead to User/Agent

Using,Leads from Facebook can be added to CRM database
You can convert the Lead from the first contact to sale, using the below CRM modules:

View Leads

Lead Management database allow you to view list of leads, organize leads, view leads by company, accounts, city, date etc.

Sales funnel
View leads in a graphical interface. It displays the buying process that leads go through, in form of a funnel as per deal stage

Change lead status as per deal stage and set parameters like lost, Won, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects – in a drag and drop or kanban format

Measuring results
Analyse various reports like – daily, monthly, weekly reports, the time it takes to convert a lead into a customer and the costs per potential customer etc

Using Facebook ads you can always get your message in front of the people who are most likely to buy your product or service.
Facebook ad campaign can help you get more leads and increase your company’s revenue

Using FinCRM as a lead management tool, companies can ensure that each Facebook lead has the potential to become a customer.
The objective of is to convert leads into customers, to close sales and help company to grow

If you would like assistance in installing a Facebook based Lead Management Software please contact us