Benefits of Facebook Ads is the biggest social network in the world. More than two billion people use Facebook every month.Facebook ads are an effective medium to promote any business. It is a do it yourself Ad PPC and lead generation system. Advertiser can choose a business goal, add image and text and choose the audience. The ads are displayed in Facebook, Instagram and mobile apps.

You can also add the leads in your CRM Software and track it as per the CRM workflow.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • Facebook ads target users based on demography, profile, language and geographic information
  • You can promote the business, product, service, post on your page and your page itself
  • You can create an ad immediately. Just define a budget for that ad and fill all the ad details. You will need to bid for each click also. Subsequently the ads appear on
  • The best thing about Facebook ads is that you get immediate results. You can reach thousands of people in no time
  • Facebook ads can play a crucial role to create brand awareness
  • Facebook ads can boost the traffic of your website also, and you can get many effective leads
  • When you use Facebook ads for marketing, you can reduce your acquisition costs
  • Facebook Ads has lead ads option. You can request the users to fill up a short lead form. You can also request the users to submit their email address.
  • Using Facebook ads you can ask the viewers to sign up for a newsletter. Later on, you can upsell through email marketing.
  • You can target your user through education, language, relationship status, and gender. You can also make use of Interest targeting to target your audience. You can choose a precise interest or broad category targeting.
  • The broad category targeting is the apt approach when you want to target a large audience. You can also target users on their precise interest by gathering information from their profile.
  • You can use images, text, videos in Facebook ads
  • Using Facebook Insights you can track the ad performance with easy to read reports
  • You can integrate Facebook ads with your CRM and ensure that the leads generated are tracked in your CRM Software

Facebook ads are the best medium of promotion for sales and marketing initiatives of any company. You can add the Facebook lead ads in CRM Software and convert it into sales. Using Facebook Ads can boost your website traffic, get leads, improve brand recognition and increase sales.

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