Benefits of Facebook Page for a Business

A Facebook page is a public profile created specifically by for brand, business, celebrities, causes and other organizations. Facebook Page is a very important source for lead generation and acquiring customers for any business.

Using a Facebook CRM like all leads that are generated from Facebook Page can be integrated in CRM Software

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Creating a Facebook Page is easy
Go to –
Choose a Page type and enter all details

Facebook page
Facebook Homepage
Facebook Insights

Features of Facebook page include:

Cover Photo

Cover photo is the first thing that viewers look at when they view your Facebook page. So it is very important to optimize your cover photo and
display important product, service and business related information as cover photo

Call to Action Button

Call to Action button can be used by a business to redirect page viewers to any destination like buy a product or video promotion page

Boosted Post

Boosted posts are ads that you create from posts on your Facebook Page. boosted post is simply a regular Facebook post that you pay to reach a
wider audience

Monitor your top posts

With Facebook Insights, you can see top posts from pages

Schedule Posts

This allows users to create posts which can only be viewed by their fans at a later time which they set

Page Moderation/Profanity Filter

The Page Moderation feature enables admin to block particular words from showing on their Page, including fan posts and comments on the Page. The Profanity Filter option allows page admin to block the use of profane words on their Page

Similar Page Suggestions

Facebook page has an option for admin to turn on “Similar Page Suggestions”. This will cause the Page to be featured when Facebook recommends similar Pages that people might like on a timeline, thus increasing organic reach

Here are some benefits a Facebook Fan page offers to Business:

Brand Promotion

You can add a link from your Facebook Page to your website and vice versa. You can also add a Fan Page box to your website so that visitors can immediately become a fan

Unlimited Fans

Facebook allows for unlimited fans to be added to your Facebook page. Any Facebook user can become a fan without you having to give them approval. This way, it can save you time and it becomes easier to grow your fans

Interactive Community

You can build a community and interact daily with your fans. This enables you to interact and get feedback from your daily interactions with your clients or customers. You can directly see the thoughts and views of your fans through comment post. Fans can instantly receive updates about new products, events, and special offers with statuses which can be read directly in their news feed. Via the use of tools offered by Facebook, you can promote products or events, and create brand advocate.

Facebook Insights

The insights analytics tool of Facebook pages offers you relevant information about your Fan Page fans and their social interactions.

Immediate Results

You can sign up for a Facebook Page which you can start promoting your business immediately

Public Exposure

Facebook Pages are open to the public view. Anyone can see them in search engines. This can advance your potential for exposure as it gives your SEO effort a boost.

Facebook Ads

In Facebook page, there is an option to run Ads. Facebook Ads are used by individuals and business organizations to promote their products & services to the Facebook community. The ads can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose them to be. Facebook ads allow you to create and run campaigns by using simple self-service tools. You can also track their performance with inbuilt analytics. Over 2 billion people use Facebook each month. You’ll find any kind of audience you want to reach in the Facebook community. can be used as a Facebook CRM Software for integrating all leads received from Facebook Ads

Facebook Page is a great way to establish a connection between your business and clients. It is also helps you reach some potential clients you would not have met at all. Regular updates on your Page can create relevance for your business.

Create your Facebook Page now and link your Page to your business website. It will help in expanding your business through the huge social network which Facebook offers.


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