Facebook CRM Integration

Facebook is a leading social media website that allows people to connect with their friends and families.
It also provides businesses with a platform to advertise and sell products to consumers. Facebook ads can be a great way to market your products or services to interested users. Facebook ads is easy to understand and makes it a good option for businesses with little marketing experience. Businesses can create ad campaigns that target specific demographics based on their interests or behaviors and get quality leads.

There are 2 ways Facebook Ads and Leads can be integrated with CRM

a. CSV Import

Facebook lead using CSV upload

1. Go to your Meta facebook Suite.

2. Then click on All Tools > Instant Forms.

3. Then download the csv of your leads.

4. Next, go to our crm software and login as admin then go to settings and click on extensions.

5. Next, click on the import leads from facebook CSV Files.

6. Next, click on Add new button a new form will open the upload your download csv files.

b. Using Zapier Webhooks

Import Facebook leads using Zapier

Webhooks are a powerful feature in apps and websites. They allow users to connect their apps and websites to a system and send data without user interaction.

Using webhooks saves time when integrating systems, collects data without users sharing it and lets you send notifications to users without interrupting their experience.

Zapier is an app that utilizes webhooks to connect apps and websites together. Developers can use webhooks in their apps and easily send data to Zapier using the app’s backend system.

The process is:

1. First create an account in Zapier and create a Zap for Get in Webhooks by Zapier when new lead in Facebook Lead Ads.

2. Add Trigger for Facebook Lead Ads.

3. Add action for Webhook. Under action field give them an your webhook or callback api for storing the facebook leads. Zapier automatically store the facebook leads in your account if he finds out any new lead in your facebook ads.

4. Next, go to crm admin panel > click on setting > extensions > import leads from facebook using zapier.

The leads from zapier webhook will be imported in the CRM Software

FinCRM provides integration with Facebook and that allows users to automatically capture leads from their Facebook business pages.

Simply connect the two systems Zapier and Facebook with FinCRM.com and all the leads generated from submissions through Facebook lead ads will be captured and sent straight to your CRM software.

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1) First before integrating the facebook in zapier users must have a facebook account with their Page and form. Because without a page it will not connect the future process.

2) And in CRM you must have an url for storing the zapier request. As i mentioned in the action image the url is https://your_domain/admin/storefblead