Laravel CRM Software

CRM is the concept of managing customer data for a more effective customer relationship and its importance in business has increased substantially. There are various CRM software’s available today based on various technologies and deployment options such as open source, cloud, self hosted, SaaS etc.

These days there is trend to use Open Source Software frameworks and products. Laravel is an open-source framework based on PHP programming language.

What is Laravel CRM Software?

Laravel CRM software is CRM software that is developed using the Laravel framework. This framework is one of the most popular among software developers with over 35 thousand developers in appreciation of the features offered by the framework.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

Of all the frameworks based on PHP, Laravel is the most popular and it boasts most of the benefits that made PHP the software development framework giant that it once was. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using the Laravel framework for developing CRM software.

Easy Development

Different factors make the development of CRM software on the Laravel framework straightforward. The number of developers working on the platform means that there is enough support for the development of any project. The exciting thing is the ease of development does not sacrifice the application functionality.

Create fast new CRM Software modules

Another benefit of developing your CRM software on Laravel is the fact that your application can be developed to be fast by taking advantage of the cache driver on Laravel that caches object in the file system.


No matter the level at which you develop software, you will admit that security is one of the most important considerations. Using the Laravel framework in developing your CRM software offers you a security guarantee as it secures your application and protects it against security risks such as SQL injection, cross-site requests, and so on.

Features of Laravel Framework

Laravel is an excellent framework for developing CRM software. We have also touched on some of the benefits of using this framework. Now, let’s look at some of the features that give the framework these benefits.

  • Laravel has some pre-installed libraries and packages that contribute to the speed of development.
  • The API management directories are quite good at adding to the development experience.
  • Fast development time
  • Laravel is a great choice for developing any type of CRM software no matter the size.
  • Laravel is a Model-View-Controller framework so the model, routes, database, and view are already separated.
  • The framework supports unit testing.

Final Thoughts

Open-source CRM software has become a mainstay in the software industry and more of this CRM Software will be entering the market in the coming years. Of all the software frameworks currently available, Laravel provides some of the best options out there.

If you have a decision to make on the type of CRM software to go for, choosing the Laravel framework based CRM Software is a good idea. is a leading open source CRM Software developed on Laravel framework. It has all the features of an advanced CRM Software and helps business improve sales and customer relationship.

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