Benefits of Hosted CRM

CRM Software helps a company manage contacts, leads, sales etc, tracks interaction with current and potential customers and builds better relationships with them.

CRM software which is hosted by an Application Service Provider or ASP is known as the hosted CRM, Cloud or SaaS based CRM. By this arrangement a company outsources its customer relationship management functions to another company.

Small and medium businesses are immensely benefitted by hosted CRM as they provide quality customer relationship management service at low cost

Some of the leading companies that provide hosted CRM are:
Salce Force CRM
Hubspot CRM
Zoho CRM
Fresh Works CRM

The benefits of hosted/SaaS/Cloud CRM are:

  • Initial cost of hosted CRM is very low. This is because it involves less investment in initial consulting, thus relying on the flexibility of the hosted application
  • It helps in marketing campaigns, lead information and sales information to a central location for the marketing and sales staff, thus making it more useful for smaller companies working on tight IT budgets.
  • It requires less time for implementation. This is because of the management and storage of the hosted programs and business information
    outside the business’s computer, thus making the program execution much faster than its traditional form. This delivers the hosted CRM software a faster time to market thus helping the business team to improve the customer services and increase their sales in a much faster way.
  • It requires less user maintenance. Unlike the traditional software, in hosted CRM the software is automatically updated through the host server. The process of updating is carried out with minimum interruptions to the services of the business.
  • Good Technical support. This allows the IT department to focus more on the functioning of the software programs and business’s own computers instead of the depending of the developing CRM software.
  • Operational efficiency. This is achieved by the automation of the time consuming repetitive tasks like sending of important emails to partners and customers, warning staffs of open customer issues, etc.
  • Security of data. Important data like sales reports, customer contact databases, etc stored in the host’s server, are available even after the crashing of the hard disk. It also protects the data from getting accessed by unauthorized hackers.
  • Due to the storage of important data in the host’s storage centers, there is availability of constant access to the information in databases.
  • Marketing automations are provided for and tasks like development of marketing campaigns for particular customers, building of lead and customer lists, measuring of results of the campaigns, etc is online
  • Apart from all these, hosted CRM also helps in enhancing offline communications, thus making the staff more productive both at office and home; even if they are not connected to the network
  • Payment of Hosted CRM is mostly on monthly basis and can be paid online by credit card
  • Most hosted CRM companies provide Free trial so the customer can use the software for some time and check its business related functions and compatibly with functional requirement

Using hosted CRM Software, companies can manage customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity.

The main advantage of using hosted CRM is that it is quite simple and inexpensive to setup, unlike packaged Software.