CRM Software with SMS Integration

The use of text messages and SMS as a communication tool is increasing rapidly. Companies nowadays choose to have their own custom mobile apps and messaging system for communicating with customers. allows businesses to communicate with customers via SMS or voice calls. Integrating a CRM system into can save businesses time and money and improve the customer interaction

There are many advantages of having a customer relationship management (CRM) system integrated with SMS and Voice CRM

  • SMS and Text messaging have a higher opening rate than email
  • CRM system helps you efficiently manage all customer interactions through one centralized application
  • Ensures that you are always up to date on every interaction you have had with any customer over time
  • Allows you to send personalized responses based on the context of each interaction, such as reminding a customer of an upcoming shipment via SMS

Integrating a CRM Software with SMS and Voice allows you to save time by quickly managing all customer interactions in one place.

Integrate Twillo with

How to setup Twillo in CRM

Here are some steps to follow to integrate the Twillo in your CRM software.

1. First create an account in Twillo and go to your Twillo dashboard section.
2. Next, after successfully creating an account they will give you to an API token for sending the messages.
3. Next, login or register in crm software and for integrating the Twillo, go to setting or click on setting menu.
4. Next, a form will open so fill the form with your Twillo API_TOKEN and submit the form.
5. Next, click on the SMS menu and send message to your contacts.

With Twillo integration with, businesses no longer have to manually handle customer interactions via text messages or phone calls. Instead, all customer interactions are managed by the integrated CRM Software using SMS or voice apps connected to your account.

This frees up time for your staff to focus on running their business instead of dealing with simple tasks like sending emails or making phone calls to customers.

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