CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to strategy and technology that companies use to manage and analyze leads, sales and customer data.

Benefit of implementing CRM in a company is that it provides 360-degree view of the customer life cycle.
With a complete view of leads and customer activity across the platform, companies will gain better business insight, increase the sales productivity of team, and put business on the path to growth. software solution enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage in the business.

We provide complete assistance in implementing a CRM solution
Implementing CRM is an easy process and before starting there is a need to document the benefits desired, list features required and study the existing processes

The following factors need to be considered while implementing CRM:

  • Customization – Document, changes required in CRM software i.e check forms/fields depending on the industry/sector of your company
  • On site or on Cloud – Decide to host CRM in your own server or pay using subscription model
  • Web Hosting – Study web host/server requirement for installing CRM within company
  • Web to lead Form – Automatically add customer lead data directly into CRM using website contact form
  • Mail – Integrate seamlessly with existing email id for sending email/newsletter
  • CMS – Ensure your website and CRM to function together seamlessly
  • CRM Geo-location – Show location based data i.e leads, customers, contacts in Google Maps
  • API – Data via APIs can be provided to external partners or third-party developers
  • Sales/marketing automation – Map CRM integration to streamline the sales process as leads/customer data is centralized

Proper CRM integration will increase your business productivity and generate quicker ROI provides you the software needed to accelerate and automate your entire sales management process
We will guide you through each step to ensure that CRM Software is installed quickly and easily in your company

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