Features of the Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software enables a business to collect and organize customer data efficiently. It maintains a database containing names, phone numbers and address etc of all the contacts.

Contact Management is the foundation of a CRM Software and it involves the process of storing contact details and tracking their interactions with a business. It can be used as a standalone tool or as a part of the CRM Software

Within the contact management database feature, there are two distinct contact categories available – People and Companies, each containing different types of contacts

Contact management software can be used by sales teams to drive productivity. It can also be used by anybody looking to move from manual
work of using spreadsheets, to managing contact information online. It helps in increasing better customer relationships.

Features of Contact Management Software

Create Contact
Users can create a contact by adding names, email, phone, notes and address etc .Adding new contacts to your business contacts database is a simple process

View Contact
Users can view contact details and search contacts using various keyword search options

Lead Management
Contact Management Software allows you to convert contacts into qualified leads

Data can be imported or exported in CSV format

Update Records –
Edit and manage up-to-date records of contacts

A contact manager lets you manage your contacts like in a centralized address book

Track Purchases
Track customers as they progress through the sales pipeline and make first purchase

Unified view of the customer
Combining the tracking of contacts, their interactions with the business, and their preferences and service issues, it is possible to create a single view of the entire customer journey

Customer Service
Contact Management allows businesses to improve service levels leveraging a wider range of data

Data Analysis
Create actionable segments of your contacts with tags based on specific demographic or behavioural attributes, such as industry, location, job title, or company size

Run reports based on daily/weekly/monthly basis and view graphical reports

Every interaction with a contact is tracked and updated in real time

Call Record
Get a complete picture of every customer from call records and campaign history, to deals in which they are currently involved

Team Work
With contact management software, entire team gets access to detailed contact profiles that help you better interact with your contacts and keep them engaged with your brand over the long term

Account Management
Company details of the business contacts database information is connected to the individual’s details

Contact Management module of the CRM software designed to help businesses deal with the critical task of managing contacts, organizations,
partners, vendors, and suppliers.

Contact Management from FinCRM.com offers the best solution for storing information essential to your sales process. Using the contact management software, companies can manage and nurture business contacts and foster healthy relationships.