Benefits of using Lead Management Software

FinCRM is an online software that provides set of tools and systems for proper management of a Lead from the first contact to the sale.

Lead management is a module in that manages contacts, who have shown some interest in a product or service but have not yet decided to make their purchase.

It aims at the conversion of prospects to clients.
The process lasts the entire sales cycle of the contact from becoming lead to customer and involves capture, qualify, score, segment and conversion of leads

The features of Lead Management Software are:

Capture leads
Contact management module gathers and stores data from website, Online forms, marketing and sales campaigns etc.

View Leads
Lead Management database allow you to make a list of leads, organize leads, view leads by company, accounts, city, date etc.

Evaluating leads
By studying data, sales people can judge the likelihood of a conversion of lead to customer

Lead score
Lead scoring is the process of assigning values or points to each lead based on their worthiness

Lead segmentation
Sort the leads based on various specifics like time, location,score etc and forward it to the concerned sales person

Marketing Automation
Lead Management facilitates the collection of information that can be useful in marketing campaigns such as auto-responder and marketing campaigns using email newsletter

Lead Dashboard
Dashboard provides real time snapshot of business performance, data in form of graphs which are used to measure and develop analytics for business reporting

Sales funnel
Is graphical interface to display the buying process that leads go through, in form of a funnel as per deal stage

Change lead status as per deal stage and set parameters like lost, Won, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects – in a drag and drop kanban format

Measuring results
Analyze various reports like – daily, monthly, weekly reports, the time it takes to convert a lead into a customer and the costs per potential customer etc

Lead Management Software makes it possible to check the efficiency of marketing measures and Increase the chances of a lead becoming customer
Lead Management optimizes marketing investments and generates new sales opportunities

Using FinCRM as a lead management tool, companies can ensure that each contact has the potential to become a customer
Objective of is to convert interested people into customers, to close sales and help company to grow

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